Zetara Finance Partners: When “Referring” a Client Doesn’t Mean Losing Them

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For accountants and brokers, dealing with SMEs can mean being confronted with questions on very specialised issues that fall outside the usual range of services they are equipped to handle with ease. In many instances, it may mean a referral to a third party that leaves the business’s usual financial advisor uninformed and presented with a fait accompli which they may not have recommended if given the opportunity.

But Yuan Chong, founder of Zetara Finance Partners, believes that his unique take on unsecured business lending assistance can benefit the financial professionals he sees as being his business’s partners. It’s an area in which he is undoubtedly a specialist, and he believes that his business offers a valuable alternative to the usual referral – both for business lending beneficiaries and their service providers.

“Zetara Finance offers its partners a means of growing their businesses through its expertise in unsecured business lending. Communication and partnership are part of the package,” says Yuan.

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More Than Just Signing on the Dotted Line

Yuan acknowledges that there are other businesses with expertise in unsecured business lending, but he notes some important differences in how he transacts with his partners (brokers and accountants) and their clients. Most unsecured lending brokers will identify an option and then “sell” it. That doesn’t mean that the unsecured loan will ultimately benefit the small business receiving the offer. Instead of just offering a space to sign on the dotted line, Yuan believes that educating clients on the advisability of accepting a loan is as important as finding the best available offer.

“It’s also only fair to keep the partner in the loop throughout,” says Yuan. “They entrust their clients to Zetara in this area, but they should not lose their clients or the business relationships they’ve worked to build.” As a result, Yuan keeps his partners informed every step of the way, allowing them an opportunity for input. And, once a source of capital has been identified and agreed on, the referring partner is back in the driver’s seat. “Zetara Finance works as a division within your business to satisfy your clients,” says Yuan. “That’s one of the most important differences from our partners’ perspective.”

Becoming a Partner

In both business and private life, Yuan Chong believes that mutual benefit, trust, respect, and strong relationships are priorities. He doesn’t aim to serve the many. Instead, he prefers to work with a few, trusted partners. Most of these are accountants and mortgage brokers who are often confronted with a small business’s need for short-term, unsecured funds. Zetara Finance is open to acquiring new partners, but since Yuan sees his business as operating as a dedicated division inside their companies, a genuine relationship is part of the deal. One might ask what would happen if the unsecured business lending guru were to be approached by SMEs without a financial advisor to perform the introduction. “Zetara encourages small businesses to make the approach when investigating unsecured lending. From there, the first step is to refer them to a good financial advisor, thereby gaining clients for its partners. It’s not just a matter of retaining your existing clients. There’s also the potential for gaining new clients for the financial professionals with whom we work.”

For more information visit the Zetara Finance – Funding Your Business Towards Success website or call their team of experts on 0482 619 996.

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