Zetara Finance Partners Helps SMEs to Remain Solvent Through 2020’s Challenges and Beyond

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Without getting bogged down in doom and gloom, there’s no denying that 2020 has been tough for just about all businesses, but especially small and medium enterprises that don’t have a lot of resources to fall back on.

That’s left a lot of business owners with perfectly viable concerns in a cash flow crunch. Using traditional methods, they would approach a bank and apply for some kind of loan, but banks require security, and with uncertainty the order of the day, it’s no surprise that many businesspeople are hesitant to put their personal assets on the line.

Then there is the matter of waiting to hear whether an application for credit has been accepted, and that can take weeks, even months. Meanwhile, they’re struggling to meet financial commitments and still aren’t sure whether their application will be approved or not.

Zetara Finance Partners “Let in the Light”

Entrepreneurs who know that their businesses can recover if given a little time to get through the quagmire 2020 has led them into are justifiably worried and frustrated. The business itself has worth, but obtaining credit is by no means easy despite that. What they need are finance partners who will have faith in their businesses and be willing to assist. They also need quick answers so that they can know whether the avenues they’re exploring will help them to survive, allowing them to thrive when things return to normal.

Zetara Finance Partners under the leadership of Fintech expert Yuan Chong may have the answers for businesses under pressure. Using advanced information technology, Yuan is able to assess all the factors that banks consider before approving or declining an application for financing, giving answers – and results – within as little as 24 hours. But that’s not all. Using a network of specialist partners, he is able to obtain and evaluate financing offers, selecting the ones most suited to the applicant and his or her circumstances.

Best of all, because the financing is based on the business, it is possible for financing to be unsecured – allowing lenders to have the security of knowing that their personal assets are safe. And all this takes place under full compliance with the highest standards of ethics and regulatory requirements.

Glowing Testimonials

Brokers, themselves not well-acquainted with the relatively new world of FinTech, and usually with more exposure to property and mortgage finance, are among those to laud Yuan Chong and Zetara Finance Partners for their work. But it is the testimonials from business owners who have benefitted from his service that will matter most to those seeking a little boost to get them through the troubled time in which we currently find ourselves.

Their words echo the sentiments of Yuan himself, showing that he has already achieved his goal of being a trusted financial advisor and a genuine partner – even a friend – to the people his business assists and serves. His genuine wish is to see people succeed through his network of brokers, and his sincere concern for the wellbeing of businesses approaching Zetara Finance for assistance shines through.

For more information visit the Zetara Finance – Funding Your Business Towards Success website or call their team of experts on 0482 619 996.

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